• Client Baccarat

When new technology meets an 18th century Baroque painting…
The ballroom ceiling painted by Francesco Solimena between 1730 and 1732 was used as a canvas to create a starry and elegant 3D mapping for the Fantasia party at the Maison Baccarat in Paris.

Created by Caroline Lefrere
With the help of Marc Ippon de Ronda and Pierre Dagba

Special thanks to Beatrice Ardisson, Daniela Riccardi, Caroline de Laurens, Laure Durand Ruel, Lucie Loret, Guy Martin, Chiara Crespi, Guillaume Chaillet, Francis Kurkdjian, Laure de Blaÿ, Gabriel Topaloff, Edward Newgate, Guillaume de Saint Phalle, Hubert Rey Grange, Ninon Ardisson, Caroline Landry, Lea Gimpel, Modul8, Blendy Software, Jahcuba and Joyson.